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August 18, 2008


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I am SO BORED.  I have been traveling, alot.  Yesterday I left my hotel in Boston to head to the airport at about 8 am eastern.  Flew to Chicago, had a not quite hour lay over.  Flew to St. Paul, did my laundry at my sister’s house, had dinner with my sis and Bro-in-law.  Drove to Fargo.

I know I made my travel schedule.  But I am sick of it.  Sick of my suitcase.  Sick of eating out alone.  Sick of being bored.  I miss my hubby, my dogs, and my friends.

I just ordered pizza from a nationwide chain, I never do that.  At least the day I return home – we are going to a White Sox Game!!!

Update: My day just got much better when I looked at the sticker on the side of the pizza box and it said  “Your pizza experience managed by Christ”

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