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September 28, 2006


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So, after the last post – I have had a more or less pretty good week. This afternoon, was tough, I am not going to go into that other than to say that that is to be expected. Other than that – much better, there was even a difficult work situation today – I thought it was crazy, but was not nearly as bitter afterwards. The only explaination, the therapy of getting the emotion out there and laying it on the line.


Right now I am making dinner. Frontera has a new chili mix that I am looking forward to trying it smells really good and is easy to make. If you have not tried their products, I would highly recommend trying them out. Everything is well seasoned and high quality.

I am also currently taking a break (to make dinner) from working on my Self Ass(essement). It sucks – not only is it hard to write about yourself, it is hard to write about yourself in such a specific manner.

Thought of the day – do not just randomly grab people’s elbows you do not know if they are already in PAIN.

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