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February 23, 2007

Off and Rolling

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The Turd Mobile is back to it’s full glory…if you can call it that.  Since Sunday night, she was limping around on the spare.  I had been saying that there was a wobble, and SWORE up and down that there was a flat spot on the back left tire.  Finally on Sunday, what I had been saying for almost a week was confirmed.  There was a large flat spot, a perfect circle in the rubber on the tire that exposed the under laying metal wires.  I freaked.  How did that not explode?  How was I not in an accident?  My awesome father-in-law took the tire off, popped on the spare.  Tuesday we ordered tires, Wednesday (exactly 19 hours after the tires were ordered*) the tires arrived.  Thursday, the new skins were put on and now I am good to go.

It is nerve racking, to think of what could have happened.  I just glad that the Turd Mobile is rolling around smoothly.  No more break problems, no more flat spots.

* I heart the Tire Rack.  They have excellent service and really great tires for awesome prices.

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