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April 11, 2006

Where I’ve been

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I sort of fell of the face of the earth for about a month – where did I go?  I few various things have occurred; vacation, sickness, take-homes exams, and catch-up.


In the last three years of my career, I have taken very little time for vacation (and my husband has taken even less).  It is tough – I get caught up in work and school and my husband is a full time student and studying really hard at getting AWESOME grades and working to keep us afloat.  Well, in dreaming about taking time off, I found great airfare to where my sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew live.  I decided to take off two days and go for a long weekend (unfortunately with out my husband).  I had a great time.  Was able to take my niece and nephew to, as my brother called it “that place where the rat lives.”  Saw a brilliant Irish-American Celtic band.  Ate food from BBQ, Chinese, Thai, Irish, Ethiopian, Kurdish, and French restaurants.  Hung out with college friends.  Went to my nephew’s fourth birthday party.   Shared a banquet for six with my brother, sister, and uncle (yes, that is just four of us).  Attended the church of my brother’s family.  Viewed a gorgeous flower show.  Observed a display of drawings from India. Even though I had a terrific time – each day I got increasingly more sick, to the point that on the last day, my sister and I pulled in to the parking lot at the Mall of America – I turned to her and said, can we just go back to your house and rest?  I had a horrible cough, was loosing my voice, and had a terribly painful chest.  By the time I left, I was terrified about sitting on a plane next to someone – scared that I would gross them out.


The day I was to return to work, I had a conference call scheduled FIRST thing in the morning with my manager and two managers above him, which I participated in from home.  It got to the point that my manager’s boss said to “just hit 5 for yes.”  I could not talk at all – I could barely get enough air into my lungs to make noise.  Later that morning, I went to the doctor’s office and found out I had bronchitis and pneumonia – on top of my asthma, I was miserable.  I was home from work (including my two days off) for almost two weeks!  I am getting better, but I am still not at 100 percent – I think it is going to take awhile.

Take home exams

Last week was the week of take home exams.  I spent all of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings (until about 1:30 am), and part of Friday on the first take home exam.  It was so hard.  Then Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon/evening was spent on the second take home exam.  Even though the second was not nearly as tough as the first, I am so glad they are done.  Now, I just have two more to take this semester. 


Last week and this week has been spent catching up on everything that I feel behind on in the last three weeks.  I am almost back on my feet – but now I need another vacation.One of the activities my co-workers and I caught up on completing, was what I entitled “Operation Pink Cube.”*  It was suppose to happen during week one of the great sickness, but it worked out to occur during the best time possible for the receiving end of the operation.

Final Reflection

Don’t get sick – it messes everything up!


I am really bad about updating this site.  I hope that eventually it will become something that becomes more of a habit and even a hobby.  Of this we shall see.

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