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November 30, 2007

Happy Fifth Anniversary!

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Exactly five years ago, Hubby and I were married (well, exactly five years ago the wedding started).  We were married at 11:30 AM on 11/30.

I look forward to the next five, then the next five after that, then five more, and so on, and so on.  It has been a great last five years.  We have had our ups and downs, but what marriage doesn’t have those?  It is how you deal with them that matters.  Tonight we are going out to what as become our traditional anniversary dinner, the Melting Pot.  Before that we will exchange our gifts, I can not wait to give him what I got 🙂


Continue for other non-anniversary related tidbits.


This afternoon Hubby is taking the GMAT.  Send him “Good Luck!” vibes.


Last night, I chopped off my hair.  Before I got it cut, the back was just a few inches above my waist line.  Now, it is barely below my shoulders AND I have that swoopy bang thing going on.  Here is the photo that I gave to my hair stylist (WHO IS FANTASTIC!)  (No, I did not pick the cut because of who this is, it just happened to be her picture I found…):

Hair cut

So – think that with straight hair.

Also, if you are looking to loose some weight and you have really long, really REALLY thick hair – chop off the hair.  I lost 3.5 pounds.


The whole 11:30 on 11/30 thing?  That was because Hubby wanted the wedding to be first thing in the morning.  I got it pushed back by saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool to be married at 11:30 on 11/30?”  Seriously, he wanted like a 9 am wedding.  Could you imagine?  I had to get up before 5 am as it was!  Well, he was excited.


Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo.  I did pretty well, other than the two nights I posted just after midnight.  I have been toying with the idea of Hollidailies.  I really like posting, and something like this forces me to do so.  I need that, structure.

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