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February 21, 2006


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First off, an apology, I am still new to this blogging thing and it is not completely part of my routine yet, I am getting there, I have a number of posts in my head – I just have to knock them out.

Back to the title

I try not to write about work, for the obvious reason, but this one, I just can not stay away from.  Recently new labels have appeared in our office space – specifically in the women’s bathroom, on the inside of the stall doors, above the knob for the locks.  The new labels – black print on a yellow background – say “PLEASE REMEMBER TO FLUSH.”

WOW.  I work for a global firm with over 20,000 employees and someone felt it was needed to remind everyone to flush.  Now, I do not know what trigged this labeling, but it is crazy.  It reminded me of when we were trying to potty train my little siblings – “Now, I did not hear the toilet flush, go back and do it – how about your hands did you wash them?  No?  Then do that too, do you need help? a boost?”

This and the messes in the coffee area – open packages of hot chocolate, torn in two, sitting on the counter above the drawer labeled (yes, black print, yellow background) “TRASH” – lead me to a conclusion today – (now I say this “tongue-in-cheek” because I will probably be getting my MBA in two-three years) – Apparently, graduation to adulthood did not come in the packaging with the MBA diploma.

In other news

We (my husband, L, L’s husband, and I) brewed last weekend, during the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  We brewed* an IPA (India Pale Ale) – which I am not a fan of, but there are few beers that I am a fan of, so it is ok.  This is a really hoppy beer, and we made it even more so hoppy.  For instance, in our wheat beer we add about 2 ounces of hops, to this brew, we added 9+ ounces!  I had the BRILLIANT idea to use whole hops.  ‘Hey, it is a hoppy beer, let’s try the whole hops, they are suppose to be better.’  Turned out to be a not so brilliant idea, as the DRIED whole hops hit the boiling brew containing WATER they expand.  The night ended in a kitchen COVERED in hops, all over the stove, counters, me, husband, and L’s husband (L, the cute pregant thing that she is was napping, getting energy to grow a baby and missed the hops fiasco), the floor, the sink, dishwasher, the curb in front of my house, etc. 

The bad thing – hops are lethal to dogs – so husband and I had to scrub everything – trying not to cross contaminate, before we could let Tozi (cute chihuahua puppy) back into the vicinity of the kitchen.

The good thing – the wort tasted great (for an IPA) and we are hoping to enter this brew into a competition!

* I have a whole photo log of the brewing process – minus the whole hops craziness – I was too covered in them to pick up the camera.  Once I learn to post pictures, you are all in for a treat.

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