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January 31, 2007


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Over the weekend Dawnie and I went to this store.  We both designed bags.  I would totally recommend this.  It was great fun.  If you do not live close to a store, no worries, they do have in-home parties in several metro areas and you can also shop online.  However, there are more fabrics in the store than on their website.  Our bags will be done in three weeks!  I would also like to thank hubby for the thoughtful gift card to said store.


We bottle our beer this weekend.  The one that we have been saying we were going to bottle for almost a year? yeah, that one.  We tasted it before hand – I think this is going to be a good one.


I started a new work task today.  It was nice to leave work and not feel completed frustrated.  This will be a nice break, even it if is only three days a week.


I have started working out, on a regular basis – in addition to not having any sweets or soda.  It has been rough.  Some of the days it was hard to get on to the elliptical.  Slowly I have worked up to being able to work out for a time period that will actually start burning fat and start building muscle.  I have goals and hope to reach them. 


It is cold out – really, really cold out and it is only suppose to get colder.  I am already wearing two coats every day – should I add another?


When I started this the other day, there were a few other things that were on my mind.  Now, I really can not tell you what those items were, so instead – you got the completely random thoughts above.

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