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January 24, 2006


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…and the wheels keep turning

I have had a number of things on my mind lately. This includes, but in no way is limited to the graduate school application process (I got in!) and registering for two classes, something I am attempting for the first time while working full time. Figuring out how to participate in a graduate class that is only being offered 2.5 hours south of where I live/work, three days a week. Trying to get things done at work that I am just starting to learn, and do not completely understand 100 percent of the concepts (there are about 15 guidance documents on this subject!!). Attempting to managing, well…maybe this is not the forum for that. Juggling my husband’s and my work and school schedules. Struggling not to punch doctors that say, “so where does it hurt, oh here, yes, that does hurt you, see, I’ll push on it again” – then being unable to correctly walk for the rest of the day. Figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life that I will find rewarding, challenging, exciting, and enable us to live the life we dream about, which may very likely be what I am doing now. Planning for a future that involves moving, having kids, furthering education, and so much more.

Where is the off switch?

It would be so nice to just turn off the off switch on the wheels that continue to turn in my head, and to just stop thinking, just for a bit. That would be great, to have a peaceful mind, to sleep though the night, to completely finish something before a new thought jumps in my head. I sort of tried that tonight, I filled up the tub with hot water and my favor bath salts, grabbed a book, relaxed. Shortly after the discussions regarding decisions about the future started, again. This is very important, we are planning people. So, I guess there is no off switch, just methods of dealing with the continuous thoughts.

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