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March 2, 2006


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My mind is constantly jumping between thoughts, lately those thoughts include the impact different friends have made and are continuing to make upon my live and the person that I have developed into today.  Why has this been on my mind?  I think to help me handle some of the items I am currently dealing with – help me realize that there are people out there that have touched my life.  Also, recently I have had a few random encounters with some people that are very important to me, this has got me thinking about how important each person my life has been on shaping the person that I am.  I am hoping this will be a testiment to this people, as well as a thank note.

No Time Has Passed Friends

These are the people that you may or may not speak to on a regular basis, but they are always on your mind.  These are people that have had dramatic impact on your life.  For me, most of these people are friends from college or a few people from High School.  People that were there for me as I was developing as an adult.  People that put up with living with my awful living habits at the time (I was so messy, I am SO sorry).  These are people that you can not talk to for MONTHS, then for some reason you call them (or vice versa) and it is like no time has passed since the last time you talked to them.  There is a little of catching up to do, but there is no explaining this or discribing that, they just know.  I love these people dearly.  And I miss them often. 

Having a Bad Day Friends

For some reason, I have certain people that I call when I have a bad day.  I do not know why these people are the bad day people, but they are and they have helped me through some really tough times in my life.  For that I thank you.  I must also admit my guilt for always calling when I have a bad day, and perhaps (when they happen) I will start calling when I have good days to share those too.  (Just kidding, you know I call you other times too!)

Every Day Friends

These are the people that you interact with on a regular basis.  You can turn to them to tell them the little annoyances- or the little funny things – in life that they would understand, but no one else would.  They help you get through the day and you, hopefully, do the same for them.  They are the people that you have to be “inside to get it,” the people you can give a look across the room (for instance, during a meeting) and they know EXACTLY what you are thinking.  Or these may be people you have gotten to know due to some odd circumstance, like where I picked to sit on the train a few years ago.

Friends from Another Life

These people might be from high school, an old job, when you lived somewhere else.  People you almost never see.  For me, these people are on my mind constantly.  Are they ok?  Did so-and-so get sent to Iraq?  Did they have a baby yet?  If I ran into that person, would they remember me? or remember me foundly?  Wow, I really miss this person, but thanks to them, I am now into this great activity.  And so on…(For those of you that know me, you know my mind is CONSTANTLY turning, thinking, something is always going on up there – somedays it is scary, wait, did I already say that?) 

Common Interest Friends

These are the people that you know from a sports team or a club.  They are people that you probably would not know or hang out with from your normal day to day activities.  However, in your common interest they are the go-to peeps.  They know that little hint on how to fix this about your homebrewed beer or they know that about how to change up how you toss a fribee forehand.  They are people you are still getting to know.  People that you can have a great time with at what ever activity.  People that you look up to and respect.

Final Friends Reflection

There are so many different types of people in my world, for some reason I have catagorized them.  This is silly because there are people that fit in many catagories.  There are also many people that do not fit into any of these catagories, yet I still adore them, miss them, am still truly grateful for the role and impact they have played in my life. 

 I am indeed blessed.  Thank you.


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