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July 31, 2008

On my mind…

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I think I have started a post before about friendships, but I don’t remember if I ever actually posted it or not.  So here I go again…

Lately friendships have been on my mind, what it means to be a good friend, what it means to have a good friend, what happens when a good friend so no longer as such, how to maintain a friendship when one moves away, and so on and so forth.  I have always struggled with figure out friendships, so I thought I would put down the different types of friends I have in my life.

Always there
These are the friends that are there for you no matter what and some times no matter what time of day.  They are there to help you celebrate the happy moments in life and they are there when the Road of Life gets rocky.  They listen to you bitch over and over about the same crap.  They listen to you ramble on about the crazy things you enjoy and they have no clue about.  They are the people you can not wait to IM when something crazy happens.  They are the people that help round out your life.  I am lucky enough to have a couple of these types of friends in my life and I hope to develop more of these friendships.  Those of you know who you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Type Casted
These are the friends that are only your friends for certain events or activities.  For instance, I would consider some of my homebrewing peeps these type of friends.  They are fun to talk with about that one thing you have in common.Sig Other’s Friends
Your significant’s other’s friends, these could also be “type casted” friends.  I loved these peeps to death, but 1) I generally only hang with them with Hubby and 2) I can only talk about drugs so much, come on people – you are all really cool and have other interests – let’s go there for a bit!! (wink,wink)

Pick up where you left off

Friends that you do not see/talk to very often, but when you do it is great.  Conversations take off exactly where you left things.  These people are very dear to me and I am sad that I do not communicate with them more often.  Sadly, life gets busy and sometimes going that extra step can be derailed by schedules and day-to-day craziness.Convenience
People who are only your friends when it is convenient to them.  They tend to be superficial and the friendship level comes and goes.  For some reason, these are people I seem to think are going to become “always there friends” I don’t know why.  All that does is set me up for disappointment and a feeling of rejection.  At the same time, they are people that are kept in ones life.

I suppose lately I have feel very lost in “friendships,” not knowing where I stand.  What type of friend I am to that person.  Am I being just as superficial?  Am I setting someone else up for disappointment?  I try to be the type of friend I would like to have.  I know I make mistakes and can take people for granted.  But I have tried to be true. 

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