Reflections of Sunflower

October 30, 2008


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I haven’t written in a few months, but hey, that is just how it goes sometimes.

Right now I am tired.  Tired of thinking, analyzing, tumbling over scenerios all in my head.  There is lots going on at work, home, with my jacked-up arm*, that my mind can not stop thinking about any of it.  I have one of those minds where the wheels are always, always turning.  It would be great if my head had an off switch, just so I could stop thinking for a little while.  I am sure I am becoming slightly crazy and am hoping I am not pissing off friends and such in the process.   I just wish I had all the answers, what should I be when I grow up? how do I make my arm stop hurting? 

A few years ago I saw a production of “Stop the World – I Want to Get Off” on PBS, sadly, shouting that does not actually stop much.  Might turn some heads though…

Instead I put on the sound track to “Legally Blonde the Musical” and get lost in Elle.  I tried cruising around in the Mini, but ended up being all analytical and “where should I go next?!” so I just went home instead.  I think I have to keep working on other methods to distract my mind.

*Just over a month ago, I fell on my arm that I had surgery on a couple years ago.  I went to my primary care provider and had it checked out, but the x-rays did not show any breaks, so I just rested it and left for a two week vacation.  Now, my wrist is still visably swollen and is very painful, typing hurts, too bad it is generally what I do all day.  Yesterday I spend the whole day going back and forth between the orthopedic’s office and home.  Appointment in the morning with the doctor and an x-ray (yup, still not broken) and an MRI in the afternoon – where I had to lay still for about 50 minutes on my stomach, with my arm over my head.  I won’t know anything for a couple days.


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