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August 1, 2008

In my Book, That’s a BIG Difference

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I do not eat anything that lives in water.  I do not like it and then I had to go and do environmental research in aquatic systems and that ruined any chance of me ever developing a like for anything that lives in water.  Every now and then I will try a bite of Hubby’s fish and it won’t be too bad.  Other times I’ll try/accidentally eat something and it make me gag…ewww…seafood…yuck.

Today I brought in half my sandwich from dinner I picked up at corner bakery last night.  I figured, hey, this would be great with a cup of soup.  I checked the website for the restaurant in the building, it posts the daily soups.  Great! Vegetable and Barely Soup in a clear broth.  SCORE! A yummy sounding soup and one that is going to be relatively healthy.  I go down stairs and ask for the Vegetable Soup.  The guy says, “Which one, they are both vegetable?”  I respond with “The one that is NOT the calm chowder, just the Vegetable Soup.”  I get my container, pay, go back up stairs.

Stick my spoon in the bowl and GAG, UGH!!! CLAM FREAKING CHOWDER.

Luckily, I was able to just go back and swap it out.  Unfortunately the whole time I was doing so, all I could taste was clam, blah!


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  1. Quit being a baby…seafood is good for you! Just don’t eat it at any cheap restaurants or fast food chains.

    Comment by Applejacks — August 3, 2008 @ 7:34 am |Reply

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