Reflections of Sunflower

March 20, 2008

Super Bugs to the Rescue

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So I have been taking probiotics (good bacteria that antibiotics kill) for a few months now.  They are a daily supplement of the good bacteria your body needs.  I’ll come back to what they have done for me in general, however I took a few extra (yet still within the dosing) yesterday and today and I feel GREAT.  No more flu.  Also, I never got quite as bad as Hubby, who is on his third day of being sick.  (Yes, he started taking them this week – but hadn’t before).  I can not believe how much these little guys helped!

So probiotics, one of the pills I take is about equal to the good bugs that are in 10 servings of yogurt.  Now,  I have a hard time gagging down one yogurt serving – could you imagine 10!   I take one (or sometimes three) floragen 3 with 1/4 tsp FOS (a sugar that helps the probiotics multiply) every day.  Before I was taking them I was on four prescription allergy meds, three prescription asthma meds, and one acid-reflux prescription med.  Now I am not on any of those prescription meds and I and not congested every day.  I am hoping this will also STOP the 3-4 sinus infection I get every year. 

The pharmacist I purchase my probiotics from has indication that probiotics can help over 100 medical problems.  Including (I am just remembering of the top of my head) allergies, asthma, some skin problem, lots of digestion problems, bad breathe, depression, and the list goes on.  Here is the best online source that I have found.  If I remember and there is an interest, I can scan some of the info I have from the pharmacist.  Basically, I am taking almost no prescription medications, my immune system is better, and I feel great.


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