Reflections of Sunflower

March 18, 2008

Two Scoops of Random

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This morning I received a call from the other side of the world.  Since this summer, my little sister has been in the Marshall Islands teaching English to elementary school children.  Other than a letter, it was the first time I heard from her since we brought her to the airport.  It was the middle of the night there, actually, it was tomorrow there (does that mean I actually received a call from the future?).  She was very tired and slightly inebriated so I only understood about a third of what she said.  BUT it was really nice to hear that things are going well for her.  That she is doing ok and enjoying herself.  She should be back in the states in a few months (maybe as short as two), but she is also applying for a two-year contract.  Luckily that contract would pay her for the work she is doing. 

I am very happy that she has this opportunity.  The chance to live in the middle of the South Pacific.  The chance to teach to little children.  The chance to sleep on palm frawns and learn native dances.  I hope that she continues to enjoy herself and is kept safe.


I started Beginning Tennis lessons last night through the park district.  I took this same class a couple of times several years ago – followed by the novice course, but that was all a while ago and before I had surgery on my arm.  I really enjoyed it before, so I decided it was time to start again.

I had SO MUCH FUN!  This is just what I need.  A refresher.  A challenge.  After the forehand lesson, the group was split into two smaller groups.  I was put into what I am calling the “advanced beginners” who moved on to backhands and then singles “playing.”  As the other group continued to work on their forehand.  What a self-esteem booster!  It energized me.

I do not know why I try to play tennis.  I have horrible depth perception and awful hand eye coordination.  I am not going to be a competitive player.  I think it because I like to whack things.  Now if only I can whack things and keep them in bounds.


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