Reflections of Sunflower

January 22, 2008

To whom it may concern:

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Dear Fellow Chicagoland Driver,

While I understand that there are winter driving conditions that require extreme caution, for instance blinding white outs, especially at night.  There is no reason to be driving 15-20 mph UNDER the speed limit on the morning AFTER snow fall, when the roads are clearly plowed and salted, the sun is started to come out, and there is not drifting.  Sure caution is still needed, but if you can not drive on a plowed/salted road – then stay at home.  You live in the Chicago area, not in some southern state that never receives snow.  Snow being on the side of the road, pushed into the ditch, does not give you a reason to drive like a total freaking pansy.  Sure, I have difficulties driving in blizzard like conditions, where you can’t see 5-feet in front of you, but who doesn’t?  That is when it is OK to drive really slow.  NOT when the roads are fine. 

Thank you jack-hole.  I left early this morning in case the roads were bad.  The roads were not bad, and I still missed my train.

Running an hour behind


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