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January 18, 2008

It is the most important meal of the day…

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…why is it so complicated?

I tend to get breakfast after I make my commute into the city.  Generally, I get oatmeal on the way from the train station on the way to the office, however that located either takes a credit card I do not have or cash.  Today, the cash was sitting on my dresser, oops.  No worries, I’ll try the Crunchy Honey Banana Oatmeal at the Corner Bakery, that Dawnie was telling me about.  I walk a few block past the office, in 4 degree (wind chill not factored in) weather to find out that the Corner Bakery was closed due to problems with hot water.  So, I walk back to my office build and decide to just go for a bagel and hot tea from the cafe in my building. 

Now the building cafe continuously ends up on my “banned” list. They end up messing up stupid things.  Today, I place my order with one person and she only got the bagel, I did not even have a chance to get the words, “…and a hot tea,” out of my mouth before she walked away!  When I went to pay for everything, the cashier rang up the tea, but not the bagel.  When the first girl gave me the bagel, they were all – oh, you didn’t pay for that!

This has not been the first time something like this has happened.  There was one morning that my normal oatmeal place did not have oatmeal, I when to get a bagel from the building cafe – no bagels.  I went to a third place and they gave me my bagel, toasted it, and forgot my smear (which of course I did not notice until I was back in my office).  

I tend to have attitude when I get bad service from service oriented places.  I think it is partly because stuff like this happens over and over again. 


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