Reflections of Sunflower

January 11, 2008


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This week, especially the last couple of days, I have been in an abnormally good mood.  It is great to be in a good mood and I am enjoying it.  In trying to figure out the source of this, I am not 100% sure.  I have been working out on a regular routine and they might play a part.  I have had something really bothering me lately, and I have settled on a conclusion on that and it really is not bothering me any more.  Hubby is not working nights this week, let last week, so everything is in less upheaval.  Work has been S.L.O.W., but that is probably not it, I do not like it when work is insane either, but there never seems to be a middle ground.  All-in-all, I just thing that it has been a good week, so I am going to continue to ride the happy wave. 

Tomorrow night a group of us are heading out to Three Floyds and then possibly Flossmoor Station, depending on how much is consumed at Three Floyds.  I get to play DD!  YAY!   Then Sunday my in-laws are taking Hubby and I to brunch for my birthday (they were out of town last week). 

Enjoy your weekend!


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