Reflections of Sunflower

January 9, 2008

Maybe it is the Accent?

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I have this thing for all things British.  I own a British car.  Cheer for the British F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.  However, one has been doing much better than the other… Also, I am not even going to start to mention my Burberry addiction.

Lately, I have been getting back into Top Gear.  It is now showing on BBC America, for a total of four hours on Monday nights, of course it is the same two episodes shown twice.  Even if you are not a car person, I would suggest checking this show out at least once.  One of the (repeat) episodes that was on this week included the guys on the show being tested as roadies for The Who, then later they were really put to the test as “a man with a van” and had to move things, tailgate, and so forth.  Ok, that did not sound funny as I described it, but it was.  In the middle of the episode (somehow the part only part of the episode I had seen before, twice) they had Jenson Button on to race there economy car around their track.  Any way, the show is great.  There have been many times I have been laughing to the point beyond tears.  Like the episode where they turned normal cars into limos – and one guy picked a convertible.  I should stop writing about it, because I am not doing it justice – just check it out.  Monday nights 7 & 8 or 10 & 11 pm central time.  OH – and The Stig – I totally WANT The Stig.


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