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January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday…

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…to me!

Today I get ever so much more closer to 30.  Not much left of my twenties, yet some days I feel like I should be in my forties and I look like I am in my teens. 

It has been a more or less normal Friday so far, other than the lovely (e-)cards, the call from my Mom – bright and early (ok, not bright), and the pretty flower on my desk from a friend.  Going out to lunch with a co-worker in a bit, so overall.  Thumbs up.

Not sure what Hubby has planned, but I did tell him that I was hoping that my birthday would be better than the holidays.  ‘Nough said.  Speaking of which, I did not plan well.  Our anniversary, Christmas, and my birthday are all within ONE MONTH of each other – Hubby gets screwed on the buying gift end of the deal. 

OH!  I did get a surprise present this morning.  When I left home this morning, the temperature was in the double digits.  WAY better than every other morning this week.  Thanks mother nature!

The office has taken to posting monthly birthdays, complete with photos, in the coffee spaces.  At first I was a little freaked out when someone fairly random came up and wished me a happy birthday.  Then I remembered the posters, was much less shocked and thought, Oh how nice of her!

Enjoy your FRIDAY!

Update: My coworker and I just returned from lunch, where she treated me here.  SO.FREAKING.GOOD.


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