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January 2, 2008

Holidays – Check!

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So the holiday season is over, and I am sorry, but all I have to say is, “Thank Goodness!”  For some reason, I was just NOT into the holidays this year and the actually holidays did NOT help.  I did all of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve or the day before.  The tree was put up on Christmas Eve, or perhaps it was technically Christmas day?  The only decorations that made it to the tree were some lights and garland (much less than normal), two snowflakes I cut out of paper and decided they should go some where (why not the tree?), and one ornament.  The ornament was one we had personalized when we were at Disney World.  It is a blue Mickey Mouse head with our names and “Disney 2007” on it in silver.  Normally, my tree has a blue and silver theme. 

We did brew over the holidays.  The first time we have done that together in almost two years.  We also spent some times with friends, which was lots of fun.  Yay, Friends!

That is about all I have to say about the holidays, as I would really just like to move forward to 2008!  Oh yeah, Happy New Year!!


Zita has been doing well after her spaying.  The first day or so she was more snuggly than normal, but after that she was back to running around the house, playing with toys, “fighting” with Tozi, and guarding the fridge*.  We currently have three chihuahuas at home, as we are watching my in-law’s pup, Lia.


It is officially winter here in Chicago.  They kept saying on the radio this morning that it was THREE DEGREES out.  But, I do not think they factored in that whole wind chill thing, because holy crap, it is beyond freezing out there – and I had on two coats.  (The real deciding factor as to if it is winter or not, how many layers are you wearing?)  Can I go home and back to bed now? 


Did any one watch the Rose Bowl?  Can I just say, “HA!”  No further comment…

*Zita LOVES to sit/lay at the base of the refrigerator where the heat return is.  She now has a blanket there.  Sometime, I’ll have to remember to take a picture of it…


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