Reflections of Sunflower

December 14, 2007

Party Time!

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Today we have three parties that we will be attending.  First is my office party, which will take place on the 80th floor in a building along the lake front.  Gorgeous views!  There will be lots of food and drinks.  Great people to talk to and over all a not to shabby time for an office event.  Next up is a birthday/holiday party for two of Hubby’s pharmacy school friends.  I think we will just be making an appearance at that one.  Finally there is a holiday/house warming party for one of the guys in my homebrew club.  Tomorrow night is another holiday party with another homebrew clubber.


Office holiday parties are always an interesting experience.  There is an open bar, but you also want to make a good impression.  Often you hear of wild and crazy stories of office parties.  While I have never gotten wild or crazy at a holiday party, a few years ago, I did hit on a guy that was 1) not my husband, 2) my friend’s husband, and 3) did so in front of my friend and Hubby.  So, my friend (L) has recently started her job at my company.  The holiday party was the first time any of us had met her husband (R), who is now also a really good friend.  R is a similar height to Hubby and at the time they had a similar hair cut and facial hair.  I was talking to Hubby, turned to talk to someone else, turned back to where Hubby was, slipped my arm into his elbow and said, “Hey, baby…”  Then looked up and realized it was this guy (R) I had just met!  Now when people ask us how we became friends, I simply say, “Well, I hit on him the first time I met him, and the rest is history.”

Here’s to some great Holiday Parties and happy memories! 


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