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December 12, 2007


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I am by no means of imagination ready for Christmas.  No decorations are up, or even out of the basement.  I have not done any shopping.  We do not have any plans.  I have no idea what days I am taking off from work.  I have one present idea, for my parents, something I started for them a long time ago and now have to finish.  Other than that, I have done and thought of nothing.

In order to get me to start thinking about Christmas, at least some, I have been listening to the Christmas music stations on the yahoo radio thingy while at work.  Yesterday, I had on the the “Classical Christmas” station.  Of the first eight songs that were played, FIVE of them where some version of “O Little Town of Bethlehem,”  four times in a row.  Then they played two other songs and then three versions of “Ave Maria.”  Thank goodness there is an advance to next song button!  Today, I decided to try the “Traditional Christmas” station.  I have not had it on very long yet, but they did play two versions of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” in a row.  I might have to try a different method of getting into the Christmas mood…


On a completely unrelated note…There has been something that has been really bothering me lately.  So, I decided to take a stand.  It is amazing what happens when you take a stand on an issue and what is revealed. 


Second version of “Winter Wonderland” is now playing.  Might have to turn this off.  Well, Friday night we have three holiday parties that we are attending, perhaps that will motivate me to decorate and shop. 


Today is the last day, but if you bring in sweaters to this store to donate to goodwill, you can get 30% off of new sweaters, for up to three sweaters.  Went last night, good stuff.  Also, the mall was open until 10 pm.  That was awesome, worked so much better with my schedule, I think they should always be open until 10 pm.  Things brought for me: 5, Christmas presents purchased: 0.  I think I have a problem.


Ok, third version of “White Christmas.”  When I advanced the song, it went to the second version of “Joy to the World.”  This is ruining these songs for me.  Turning it off now.


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