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December 11, 2007

Those Crazy F1 Drivers

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I am a huge Formula One fan.  I do not talk about it much because when I do, people do one of the following:

A)  Have no clue what I am talking about or why I am getting so excited

B)  Ask me/start talking about NASCAR*

C)  Think I am totally crazy**

*I know NOTHING about NASCAR, other than the drivers that were previously F1 drivers.
**Being a fan is die hard, the races take place around the world, so I am often up at 6:00 am (or someother weird) on a Sunday to watch a race.

That being said.  I had to share this article about the former seven time world champion Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher.  When Schumi, his family, and their brand new puppy*** were trying to make their flight, what does he do?  He does what any former 7-time world champ would do, he takes over the cab and floors it through the German autobahn.  Ahhh, the joys of being a mega-star!

***They flew to Germany from Switzerland for the purpose of getting the new puppy.  That is going to be one lucky dog.


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