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December 7, 2007

All They Want for Christmas…

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The other night was Santa night at our vet’s office.  I buddled up my puppies (it was really, really cold) and drove over to my in-laws, as we were all going to go together.  (They also have a long haired Chihuahua named Lia.)

Usually I travel with the dogs in seperate carrying cases, seat belted in to the car.  However, I thought three cases would be too many and it was only a couple of blocks, so I stuffed Zita into my coat.  She LOVED it.  She could snuggle up to me and she had never ridden in the car when she could see out the window.  Her already bugged eyes were about to pop out of her head as she saw all the lights and other cars.

At the vet, they were each given a different Christmad bandana and a gift bag.  They all sat on Santa’s lap, told him what they wanted, and had their photo taken.

Have they been good girls?  These spoiled puppies will have to wait and see, but Tozi is really close to getting a big lump of coal.

After the visit to Santa, we went back to my in-laws to hang out.  Some how, Zita ended up like this in a quilt:


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