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December 6, 2007

Why sometimes, it SUCKS to be a Commuter

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I left my house this morning at 7:25 am and arrived at the train station at about 7:45 am for the 7:50 train.  I was early and doing well.  Sometimes when I go to this train station there is bad traffic and I get there just in the nick of time to run across the huge parking lot and hop on the train.  Today, I had plenty of time (five minutes!) and hung out in the warming station.  The 7:50 came and went and there was no train.  After about ten minutes, I pulled out my Treo and looked up the train system website to see if there were any updates.  An outbound train (the opposite I was traveling) was operating 60 minutes behind schedule because of a bridge malfunction, the outbound train after that was operating 35-40 minutes late.  Ok, so maybe one of these trains is ours and we just have to wait (at this point) another 20 minutes or so for the first one.  Two trains roll in and out, they did not have far to go, so I figured, ok, not much longer.  Then the rumor in the station was that the train that was suppose to pick us up not working.  At this point, it was 8:35 and the next scheduled train was at 8:43, maybe we will be picked up then?  OH, did I mention, this whole time, not one single announcement was made, so we had NO IDEA what was really going on.  The train finally came at about 9:15, we were down town by 10:15, and I was to the office by 10:35.  It took me 3 hour and 10 minutes to get to work. 


This whole commute thing is really starting to get to me.  If I take the train from my town (which the train service has stated is the worse train line in the system), I have to be at the train station 20 mins or so before the train comes in order to get parking, then it is a 55 minute train ride, if we do not get stopped by a freight train.  We always get stopped by a freight train.  Then a 20 minute walk to the office.  Total time: approx. 1 hour 45 mins.

If I take the train I took this morning, it is a 20 min drive to the train station, during which I hope I am not stopped by a flagger or other construction related delays.  Then an hour train ride (sans freight train interference) and a 20 min walk to the office.  Total time:  approx 1 hour 40 mins.

AND this is just ONE WAY.  Double that, every day.  That is a lot of lost hours.  Granted, I can get a lot done while on the train, reading, work, a nap, etc.  However, if it was up to me, our house* would be on the market next week, and we would move closer to the city. 

* I love our house and it was a great location when we bought, but neither of us have the same jobs any more. 


Since I am crabby, here is a cute puppy photo of Zita (smaller, white/tan) and Tozi (bigger, black):


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