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November 29, 2007

War, What is it Good For?

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No, I am not going into the whole Iraq thing.  I am read the book All Quiet on the Western Front*for a book club.  The book takes place during World War I and follows young German soldiers.  I read this passage today where the group of friend were discussing why they were at war, who got what out of it, and who decided they should be at war.  Here are a group of young men barely out of their twenties that are fighting for their country and giving their lives and they have no idea as to the reason why. 

With out getting into the whole political side of wars and such (which is for another day and time), I started to think.  How many of us do things just because we are told to do so.  Follow commands – given by those around us, by society, by what we think might be right.  Do things just because that is the thing to do.  Often society has an idea of the ideal – the look, the actions, the body type. 

Do not loose yourself.  Think, then act.  Strive for your own ideal, not someone else’s. 

*So far this book is very interesting,  I have always enjoyed history, but this is challenging me as I looks into the “enemy’s” story.


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