Reflections of Sunflower

November 27, 2007

I Refuse

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Over the last week or so the temperature here in Chicago has been hovering just above freezing during the day time.  In fact today, right now it is 33 degree F, one little degree above freezing.  However, I am still one of those freaks walking around outside with only a polar fleece jacket on, and not the one I have that is wind proof (which is AMAZING).  ANY way, in preparation for the winter, I had Hubby take my long wool coat to the cleaners and since it was picked up, it had not yet left the plastic bag.  I refuse to take it out.  I refuse to put on a hat and a scarf and find a match pair of gloves.  While I love snow and that part of winter.   I HATE having to worry about making sure I give myself the extra time to put on all of those layers.  I hate having to make sure that when I return home, I still have every single piece of outerwear that I left with in the morning (this includes on the train, which it SUCKS to loose a glove on the train).  I hate the static in my hair caused by my hat.  So, for now I refuse and I am going to claim that I am making my blood thicker.  Besides the only time that it is horrible outside (right now) is the block in front of my office, which I swear is the windiest block in Chicago. 

Also, I love the crispness, yesterday it was in the low-mid 40’s and I loved it.  That brisk feeling that winter is just around the corner.  I am sure in a few weeks, I will look back and think.  Wow, I was such a freak, put on a damn scarf and hat.  But for now, I am going to pretend it is still fall.


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