Reflections of Sunflower

November 15, 2007

What Happened to Fall?

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The weather in Chicago has been, to say the least odd this fall.  Which is sad really, I love fall.  September was really warm and so was most of October.  Then it went from warm to down right cold.  We sort of had fall weather at the beginning of this week, but today, today it feels like winter is setting in.  I was returning to the office this afternoon and as I was walking back the wind made my face hurt it was so cold and there was one point (right after I licked them) that I thought my lips were frozen.  We have been robbed of fall, of the crisp, cool air full of gentle breeze and slowly falling colored leaves.  That is the time period during which my blood thickens and I prepare for the bitterness of a Chicago winter. 

Today I was wearing my “heavy” polar fleece, and that is not quite enough.  My long wool coat is at the cleaners until Monday.  Sadly, I think it is time to pull out the hats, gloves, and scarf.  Happily that means that snow is right around the corner and I like snow.  I love the winter days that are sunny, the temperature is just below freezing, there is a free snow fall, and no wind.  I am hoping to be able to ski down some slopes this winter. 

Yesterday, I saw a sign that winter is encroaching upon us.  I walked out to the bus station and saw the most amazing sky, just around sunset. 

This was taken at 5:05 pm.  Behind me it was completely “night” the sky was dark and all the city lights were glowing. 

Time to start to bundle up!


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