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November 12, 2007

NaBloPoMo/Random Meme

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I just realized I never actually said that I was doing NaBloPoMo this year.  I have been trying really hard to come up with fun things to write about, ok, I did not try very hard at all last week – but hey, I was sick.  However hard I try, I have not been having an easy time coming up with topics.  Mainly, I just end up sound like a totally whiner (versus winer, mmm). 

So in order to change it up a little bit, I found this on

List Three of Each:
Pet Peeves:
Bad service
Late trains
People who do not respond to emails

Favorite Sounds:
Zita running around the living room floor with a toy
Lake Michigan waves
The bark of the girls when Hubby pulls into the driveway

Favorite Candy:
Dark chocolate
Chewy Sprees 

Biggest Fears:
Not obtaining my goals
Getting too caught up in life to enjoy it
That one I don’t want to mention

Biggest Challenges:
Taking the GMAT on Saturday (AAAHHH, that is in FIVE DAYS)
Getting over my fears (hmm, I didn’t list those fears above…)
Finding motivation

Favorite Department Stores:

Most Used Words:
You know?

Favorite Pizza Toppings:
Tomato slices

Favorite Cartoon Characters:
Mike Wazowski
(Hehe, can you guess my favorite cartoon?)

Movies Recently Watched:
Pumpkinhead (REALLY BAD)
Talladega Nights

Favorite Fruits:
Star fruit
Pink Lady apples
White peaches

Favorite Vegetables:


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