Reflections of Sunflower

October 2, 2007

Excuse me while I complain

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…It had been one of those weeks, and it is only TUESDAY

Suggestion to Target Managers – when you call a person that received a chemical burn in your store and you want to check on them, it is probably a good policy to NOT be rude to your customer.  Oh, sorry, FORMER customer.

Attention Speciality’s – it is great that you have a nifty website that tells people the soup of the day, etc.  However, it would be really great if you actually served that soup and not replace it with something else.  (Chicken and Dumplin’ for Clam Chowder! eww!!!)

Hello Lady Outside Smoking – was your cigarette that important that you could not take your headset off before you left your office?  You look ridiculous.

To my subconscious – please stop having that dream at night, it is driving me crazy and I am loosing sleep.

Metra – I realize that trains break down, but shouldn’t you check that crap before you send the trains out to the stations to pick people up?  That would be a great idea, then I would have more hours of my life back.

My Dear Neighbors – could you please close your car door when I pull into the driveway?  I really don’t want to hit your door and knock it off, but I will.  Also – it would be great if you would stop your friend’s cars in front of your driveway and talk to them there, not in front of mine.  Honestly, I don’t care if your kids play on my driveway all day, they can draw on it with side walk chalk to their hearts content, but please, let’s draw the line somewhere – how about at the property boundary?

To me – just be a little more patient, this too will come to pass.   


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