Reflections of Sunflower

March 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

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This past weekend was action packed.

Friday after work, Hubby and I ordered new phones.  I can not wait, they should be in tonight or tomorrow!!  We got an excellent deal on both the phones and the service.  We rushed home after placing our order, changed and rushed out to Flossmoor.

We meet Lakeline (husband and baby), Dawnie (and boyfriend – The VLW!), and ESY (sans husband) for dinner and beers at Flossmoor Brewing Station.  We all had a great time, in fact, I think this should be a regular occurrence – perhaps at changing locations.  I had their doppelbock – which they named the “Social Lubricator” – as you can imagine that lead to several jokes and a veggie taco salad.  I am not kidding, the salad was twice as big as my head.

Saturday, ESY, her sister, and I went dress shopping.  I have to find a black dress to wear to my sister’s-in-law wedding, in which hubby and I are both standing.  We went to a total of nine stores.  At the end of the day, I had it narrowed down to six dresses.  Since then, I think I am down to two.  Hubby and I are going tonight to make the final decision.  So many dresses, so hard to decide! 

After the long day of shopping, Hubby and I went to Pingree Grove to hang out with a friend from college and his expecting (only a couple weeks to go) wife.  According to Google Maps, this is almost 70 miles from our place.  But it was more than worth it.  They are great people that we do not get to see nearly often enough. 

Sunday, I had class two of two to learn a fabric painting technique.  I love this!  I completely see more projects in the future using this.  I am working on two sets of tulips.  Two because I had started a practice that was turning out so well, I figured I would complete it.  Perhaps there will be pictures of this to come.

After class, I met up with the in-laws for lunch, then completed some bridal shower planning.  Went home, worked out (3.2 miles in 40 mins!!).  Once Hubby got home from work, we visited his grandma and then his parents*.  We returned home at about midnight.  I am tired today, but it was a great weekend and it is a beautiful day out, so it all balances out.

*  They gave Hubby a 1:43 scale cobalt Cayman and me a 1:43 scale BRG Mini Copper – complete with sunroof.  Hubby has a growing collection, but I am so excited about mine.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the really one soon.


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