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February 13, 2007

I Heart My Neighbors!

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Today we got a real snow storm.  It started last night and has not stopped yet.  Most of this winter has been too cold to snow.  And we have been lucky when it has snowed and we have only received four inches of fluff at most, until today.  Four inches is doable.  I could get in and out of my drive way – roads were manageable.  We really did not shovel because as soon as the sun hits our asphalt drive way, everything melts.

Today – another story.  When I got home, I tried to pull my car in far enough to get off the road.  No luck.  Not because the tires would not grip, but because the air dam was starting to act as a plow.  I parked on the street and shoveled for about 35 mins – enough to get the car off the street.  Now, the turd mobile is fixed – and has front wheel drive – it can handle that.  Hubby’s car is a mustang, rear wheel drive – it was not going to get any where. 

When he got home from work, I piled on the layers and went out to help him shovel.  He came in and changed – I saw one of my neighbors drive by in his pick-up and think – nice, he’ll be able to get into his drive way.  Hubby came back out, ran next door, and borrowed a second shovel (yah! neighbors #1).  Next thing we know, the neighbor that drove by in his truck – showed up with a shovel to help out.  He is in his residency and just had a LONG day at the hospital – the last thing he needed to do was help us.  (yah! neighbors #2)   Before you know it we were done.  Dr. Neighbor received a 22 oz. bottle of our double hopped IPA as a thank you.

The cars were moved off of the two neighbor’s’s across the street driveways (yah! neighbors #3 & #4) and are now snug in our driveway.

I am thankful for the community we live in and the awesome neighboors that we have.


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