Reflections of Sunflower

February 6, 2007

Turd Mobile

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I drive a beige ’99 Buick Century.  Hubby and I lovingly call it the Turd Mobile.  For the last few years it has been a good car to us.  Easy to drive in the snow, can hold more than the 2+2 seating in the Mustang, got me to the train station and back.  HOWEVER, recently the car has been sucking down the money.  A few months ago, it was over heating and the whole cooling system had to be worked on.  Well, now a new problem has developed.   Starting last week, on a really cold day – the brakes would not disengage.  Then it was ok for a few days – then on Saturday, when the wind chill was -30 (yes, that says MINUS THIRTY) it started to do it again.  The brake has not disengaged since then.  I thought maybe it was because of the cold – so I cleaned out the garage and we parked the car in it for a day or so.   Yesterday, I called our “car guy,” who is friends with my father-in-law.  He asked me, “So, this is the turd mobile you are bringing in?”

Tonight, my father-in-law suggested we try driving it on the slippery, snowy roads to see what happens.  Well – the back left wheel will NOT spin.  It won’t turn – doesn’t even budge.  We drove it up and down, forward and backwards in front of our house to try to get it to move.  Nope.

A tow truck is coming tomorrow.  I had to clean out my car in ankle deep snow and in a wind chill of -3. 

Poor Turd Mobile – not a happy car.


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