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January 27, 2007

A Good Place

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I have lived in the Chicago area for almost five years.  At first, it was really tough.  I liked living here, but I only knew people through my husband (who was my fiance at the time) – his parents, some of his friends from high school, that sort of thing.  I was completely dependant on him for “friends” or any social life.  Then I started working a horrible job, I hated it.  I was getting paid $8/hour for a job that I needed a college degree for, so I was SERIOUSLY under paid.  There were very few job prospects out there, it was only seven months after the attacks on 9/11.  I sent out well over 200 resumes, and so did my husband.  He did not find a job for about four months.  Basically, I just was not happy.

The we got married, bought a house, were living on our own.  BUT – I was more secluded than I ever had been.  We did not know ANY one in the town we lived in and did not even meet our neighbors for five months.  I was looking for a new job, and found a great one (where I still am today, four years later).  However, my life was still missing something.


Last night, we went over to our friend’s (these two lovely people) house to pick up some yeast Mr. Chibebrau ordered for us.  We hung out, played with the cute baby, petted their dogs, watched the Bulls game, and I left with a CD Mr. C made for me.  (He’s been introducing me to new artists, well, new to me.)  My husband and I got in the car, I looked down at the CD and I thought to myself, I am at a good place in my life when it comes to friendship.  I am at the place I have been wanting to be since I moved here.  And that makes me happy.  Not only have I developed some great friendships, but I have continued to develop relationships with some of my college friends, and I love having them in my life. 

I have some terrific friends.  My friends are artistic, creative, athletic, musical, supportive, funny, open my world to new activities, and so many more things.  They often bring out the best in me and put up with me when I am at my worst.  I have people I can call do to things on the weekends or such, and vice versa.  They are people that I can not wait to talk to and tell the most asinine stories.  I am not saying I would not want to meet new people and create new friendships, but I am feeling good about where this part of my life is right now…

…Now I just need to figure out the other parts of my life – my career, education, where I want to live, and so forth.  🙂  That too will eventually fall into place.


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  1. I know how you felt. New places are super hard!

    Comment by Leah — January 27, 2007 @ 7:04 am |Reply

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