Reflections of Sunflower

November 24, 2006


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My parents left today – it has been a long week.  They got here on Tuesday for my surgery.  I understand that they wanted to help, and I appreciate that, or at least the thought behind that.  But it really made every thing that much worse.  My dad was not too bad, the only thing he really said was “Where did we go wrong, we have a daughter who buys such weird things?”  If buying organic foods or meats that do not contain hormones, nitrates, or antibiotics is weird, then oh well.  My mom, on the other hand, spent the week making me feel like an incompetent twelve year old and was completely hypocritical.  Apparently, I should reorganize my entire house, even though everything was nicely put away and every time she asked for something – I knew EXACTLY where it was.  On the other hand, their place is a total pig sty/fire hazard.  I honestly fear for my life when I am there – in fact, last time we got a hotel room. 

I love my family, but sometimes, enough is enough.  Being hopped up on pain meds helped a bit, I could blame my tongue on the side effects.  Poor hubby spent the week at work or hidden in effort to hold his tongue. 

Ahh, the holidays, complied with surgery – so much fun.


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