Reflections of Sunflower

November 18, 2006

It is FIXED!!

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We live in a two bedroom, one and half bath semi-detached.  For the last couple of weeks, the toilet in the full bath had been broken.  It was not refilling the tank.  Hubby was thinking it was just build up from our hard water, so he was trying to find ways to fix it with out taking it apart tank filler and replacing it.  Between that, a funeral, final exams, work, classes, and the million other things going on around here, there was not time to figure out how to take it apart and replace it.

Well, tonight (after my marathon day of cleaning, YAY – so close to being DONE!!) it had to be fixed.  We got to the point of turning off the water and emptying the tank – but did not know what to do after that.  We called my father-in-law, with hopes of guidance.  Instead we heard “I’ll be there in about an hour.”  He, my mother-in-law, and their long haired chihuahua – Lia – showed up.  Hubby and father-in-law got to work.  AND we now have a functional toilet.  Just in time too, as my house will be holding a minimum of four people this week.


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