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November 15, 2006

My Three

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On the way home today, I happen to have on this radio dating game.  This guy was asking bachelorettes questions.  One question in particular made me laugh.  “All of my married friends have a list of three celeberities that if they meet, it was no holds bar – anything goes.  Who would be on your list?”

This made me laugh because this is something my husband and I talk about.  I can name at least two of his*, Fionna Apple and Sandra Bullock.  I am sure he has third.  Here is my list:

Jenson Button
Few people who know me, know that I LOVE Formula One Racing.  Some day, I will get more into that.  I am in love with Jenson.  The year I really started watching the sport religiously** he was the number three driver in the pack (third to the two Ferrari drivers) and was on the podium for a large number of the races.  This caught my eye, and so did he.  He might be a Brit, but I think he is a totally cutie.  In fact, he has been my desktop picture on our home computer for a few years.

Wentworth Miller
Wentworth is a newer member to “the list.”  He is currently the star of the Fox show Prison Break.  This total hottie has the brains and heart to escape from prison and (to this point) make it across country.  I love the show, and Wentworth makes it just that much better.

Christopher Hall
I have to place a caveat on this one, and say Christopher Hall from when he was the lead singer for Stabbing Westward.  We saw them in one of their last shows in Chicago, and damn the boy has a body and a voice to boot.  He is now in a band called The Dreaming and he is still a head turner, but the SW version wins out in my book.

So, what about you?  Do you have a list of three?

*When I told him what I was writing about, his reponse was “What, I only get three?”
**Many of the races start at about 6:30 am or so on Sunday mornings, so it really takes dedication.


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