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November 14, 2006

Tuesday Ramblings

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My long day is coming to a close.  I am currently “sitting” in the end of class, waiting for everyone else to submit their completed quiz, so we can all find out our scores.

I did really well listening tonight.  This has been difficult in this class, because it is a subject, that well, frankly, I do not really care about and do not necessarily agree with all the time.  The class is on soil fertility and fertilizers.  The part I do not always agree with is the use of fertilizers.  Yes, plants take nutrients out of the soil and need them to grow, however, do we really need to spray everything with chemicals?  Shouldn’t we be better off spending our time teaching people how to recycling nutrients (leave the clippings on the lawn) or how to test soil and then only apply what is needed? 

Any way, I have a really difficult time paying attention, but tonight I took nine pages of notes.  Hand written notes, my hands do not like to do that any more.


I had a similar problem at work today.  I would start working on something and then get highly distracted and completely forget what I was doing.  OR I would be deep into a project and not realize what was going on around me (I almost missed my train, oops).


It is hubby’s finals week this week.  So cross your fingers for him.  This will be his second to last finals week of his pharmacy school career.  After next quarter, he has no more classes and completes the degree with rotations.  YAY!  The end is near.


Comments – I would like to thank my kind readers for their comments.  I am not trying to be rude by not responding.  In fact for some of you I had clever, witty responses.  However, I am a lame-o and I can not get them to go to my email.  Why?  I do not know know, it is just a mystery of the Internet.  One of many I do not try to understand – but that I figure that I will eventually figure out. 


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  1. comments…. he he… don’t worry you don’t have to respond to mine! I won’t stop even if you do!

    Comment by ESY — November 14, 2006 @ 11:07 pm |Reply

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