Reflections of Sunflower

November 13, 2006


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Some days I appear to be a total slacker.  Like today, when I did not get to work until after 10:20 am.  However, it took me FOREVER to get in to the office.

I had rented a car for the weekend’s sampling trip, as I did not really want to ride around in my car in wet chest waders.  I had to return the car this morning.  The car was rented from the place that picks you up, so I was planning on dropping it off and having them drive me to the closest train station.  This is where everything went wrong.  I set my alarm clock for pm instead of am – so I woke up eight minutes after the placed opened, instead of being there by then.  I ran down stairs, grabbed my train schedule out of my bag and figured out when I needed to leave.  I showered quickly and got out the door.

On the way, I thought of stopping for a bagel – I was hungry and should have an extra 20-25 minutes.  For some reason, I talked my self out of it.  Upon arriving at the rental dealership, there were two people working and two people renting cars.  Both of the renters were complaining about something “No, I don’t wantto drive that car…” Both of the workers had their long list of questions continuously interrupted by phone calls.  After 25 minutes (good thing I did not get my bagel), I finally returned my car – and both of the renters were STILL working on theirs.  Then I had to wait for the guy to appear that was to drive me back.  I let him know what I time I needed to be there, he looked at his watch, raised his eye brows and said, “We will see what we can do.”  At this point, we had less than ten minutes to make it across down in morning traffic. 

We pulled up to the train station entrance just as the gates were coming down.  Since this was a later train, I knew there would be fewer passengers to load – and that it would be close.  The guy driving whipped through the parking lot, ended up on the curb.  I flew out of the car – ran towards the nearest open car.  Then I realized that there was a 1.5 foot concrete cube and a bush sticking up in my path.  I huddled both of them and bolted on to the train, just in time to hear the familiar “*Ding Ding* The doors are about to close“.  I called hubby to tell him I made it.

The next hour was spent on the train.  By the time I arrived downtown, I was starving.  I decided a latte and a egg, cheese, tomato, and bacon croissant from Corner Bakery was in order.  When I got there, I realized the sandwich would be cold by the time I walked the four additional blocks to my office.  SO – I ate it there. 

Four hours after I left my house, I finally made it into the office.  Where the luck I had in the morning, just continued the rest of the day…


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