Reflections of Sunflower

November 9, 2006

Just a Little Patience, Please

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I ride the commuter train into Chicago every day for work.  The train I ride ends at Union Station, which is about eight tenths of a mile from my office.  This is a walk I make twice a day, five days a week.  I tend to be a person that enjoys the walk* and likes to watch the people around me.  In turn, I tend to see a number of interesting people and events.  This has ranged from what “hungry” homeless people really do with the food people kindly give them** to outfits that make me say “Wow, what were you thinking?!”***  Somedays I ended up seeing how rude people can be, today I was on the receiving end.

I was waiting at a cross walk for the light to change, thinking to myself how nice it was for mid-November.  When I felt this arm brushing my sholder.  I look to my right and realize a woman is pushing the button to signal the light to change.  Then she started to repeatedly push it over and over, followed by holding it in for a few seconds, then the repeately pushing, and so on until the light changed.  I thought about telling her that such buttons do not register urgancy, but decided against it.  By this point she was practically pushing me out of the way to get closer to the button.  “Maybe if I hold it down straight on…”  When the light did change, she slowly wandered across the street and walked into Starbucks.  I guess she really needed her morning fix and that damn crosswalk light was getting in her way.

*Except when it is really, REALLY cold – below zero cold.
**I have witness some kind stranger give a banana to a homeless man that was holding a sign declaring his hunger, who then turned to the person selling newspapers next to him and said “Do you want this, I don’t like bananas.”
***Yesterday, I saw a lady wearing pink patent leather knee high boots, topped with pink fur, over pink stockings – the kind with a design.  This all was to go along with her pink suit, complete with mini skirt.  To top it all off, of ALL of the pinks she was wearing – not one of them was the same or even similar shade.  I know what it sounds like, but this was a straight up business woman.


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