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May 18, 2006

The Letter G

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This little meme involves a 10 words starting with the same letter, with a little blurb about each. Lakeline gave me the letter G. Well, originally she gave me the letter K, but SpaceCase had the letter K, and I didn't want to cheat, so I asked for an new one.


I have to go to my annual physical here shortly – not something I really looking forward to but something necessary none the less.  When I told my husband that was on my list of things to do for the day, I was cheerfull told "to have fun being poked and proded!"  Gee, thanks


This word is used on a daily, heck, an hourly basis – normally in instant messages to show my disgust or being upset about something.  For instance, "Gah! This spreadsheet is driving me nuts" or "Gah! I can't believe these idiots."  Ok, so maybe I am stretching this one a bit, it is less of a word and more of a sound, but I write it more than I say it, so it counts.


The majority of the lecture from last night's class was discussing germination of dfferent spores in fungal and rust's life cycles, also applies to seeds.  It is basically when growth starts.  Often something is needed to trigger germination, seeds need heat and moisture, certain spores need leachats from their soundings, other spores first grow a germination tube.  Will some of this information really help me?!


What I said to Lakeline after she gave me the letter "G"!  But, gee, this is hard…More so known as what Tony the Tiger said on his commericals.  But I say it when I am in a good mood.


A very important individual and aspect of my life.  I most certainly believe that God is out there and plays a HUGE role in my life.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight"  Proverbs 3: 5-6.  I can not tell you how many times that has helped me, or how easy it is to forget.


A color up there on my favorite colors list – not on the top, but close.  We painted both of the bathrooms in my house green and I also really want a green on of these.  It is also the color of freshness and new life.  Right now the world is slowly becoming more and more green – total happiness.


My home page, my life line to the information highway.  The means through which I communicate.  How I get directions.  How I get answers.  How I find everything.  Seriously, how did we survive in pre-google times?

Good Earth

A terrific bagel shop in Holland, Michigan that I use to frequent when I was in college.  I haven't found a bagel shop to match it yet.  They have really good bagel sandwiches, even better granola, and awesome bagel chips.  I use to meet there once a week before classes with the other leaders of the junior high youth group I worked with – what a great place for fellowship! 


Grandparents are the foundation of families, so it is funny how different they are.  They all have their good points, and their not so good points.  I have a different type of relationship with each of kevin and my grandparents, but some how it works.  Some grandparents, I see on a weekly basis, while others I call every now and then.  Sadly others do not have as big of a role in my life as I would like – that is hugely my fault, sorry.  Either way, grandparents are full of wisdom, humor, and advice, but all in their own ways.  To all my grandparents:  I love you, thank you for everything you have given me.


What I love is a good case of the giggles, when something makes you laugh, then you can't stop giggling and just when you think you've stopped, you start again – until you are crying and your sides hurt – all from giggling.  That is a great feeling, it must release happiness hormones or something.  People need to spend more time giggling, especialy me!

Ok, there you go, 10 G words.  I am not sure how I got "Gynecologist" and "God" in the same list – they are no means on the same level…




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