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February 8, 2006

Weekend, completely surrounding cars

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All of the exciting events of the weekend dealt with vehicles, what stress! Now I am so tired.


The weekend started at the end of the work day on Friday by my return to my desk to see that my husband called my office line twice, altered my direct connect, and called my cell phone six times.  This was precisely 15 minutes after my husband started work for the evening, where I can not get ahold of him.  I freaked, he never tries to contact me that many times in such a short time.  My first thought was that something happened to my in-laws puppy (she was being picked up from the vet that afternoon from being spayed).  Since I could not talk to my husband, I called my in-laws and found out he received a speeding ticket.  Apparently, him and the car behind him went to pass someone driving about 25 in a 35, as they passed the slow car, it sped up.  Both my husband and the car behind him was pulled over by our county’s finest.


All day Saturday my mother-in-law and I participated in a quilt shop hop.  There are a total of eight quilt stores, you pay five dollars, which all goes to charity, receive a passport that is stamped at each store, when it is completed you hand it in for your chance of prizes.  We had done this before, it is great!  I bought material to make baby quilts for two cousins that are expecting.  On Saturday we visited six of the eight store, and ended the day of shopping in my local quilt shop.  After which we stopped at my house to check on my puppy, then I drove my mother-in-law home, hoping to return quickly because friends were on their way to help my husband and I brew-up some beer.  (I am getting to the car part, I promise…)  On the way to my in-law’s house there was two major wrecks – one closed a major bridge in one direction!  I dropped off my mother-in-law, chatted with my father-in-law, then decided to head home. 

I hopped into the “turd mobile” and pull out of my in-law’s drive-way.  Less than two miles away – everything around me was like some ring of hell (I don’t remember which ring is which right now).  I was driving down an incline towards a viaduct, a car slides along side of me (about a foot away), then it turned completely sideways, directly in front of my car.  I do not know how, but I was able to come to a complete stop and the car behind the sliding car was able to miss everything around it as it also lost control.  Further (not much) down the road I watched a car turn left, across three lanes of traffic, jump the curb and slam into a fence – three cars then collided into each other in order to avoid the car that turned.  At that point I realized, even if I can keep control of my car someone else is going to hit me – so I called my in-laws and returned to their house, for the night.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel a homebrew night, with my husband and two of our friends*, one can be found here


After the superbowl game, we went to visit some family.  We were enjoying Grey’s Anatomy when we heard a thump outside, but we just ignored it.  Later, we were saying our goodbye’s and our aunt came back inside saying that we needed to go out side.  My husband’s car was hit while parked on the street.  LUCKILY, the person who hit it was waiting for us to come outside.  I called the cops, then went over to take to the car hitter.  My husband was devastated, after everything else, this happens.  The kid that hit our car was 16, just received his license, and recent purchased his car.  He looked down to change the radio and, bam, into the back of our car.

After many hours standing in the cold, freaking out, having police reports filled, taking pictures**, and observing the damage we headed home.  Tired and worn out. 

*Homebrewing is one of the activities I enjoy greatly, so look for future homebrewing entries.

** Once I get the pictures and figure out how to post them, I will show off the damage.


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