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January 19, 2006

Those around me

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I write this as I am worried and can not sleep, perhaps writing about it will help me come to terms.

My Mom

In November, my mom awoke one morning with what she described as “the worst headache she has ever had.”  She got up, ate something, then walked the dog, all in hopes of shaking off the headache.  Then she started to feel tingly and my dad took her to the hospital.  The CT scan relieved a “shadow” and she was rushed via ambulance to a much better hospital about 30 miles away.  After being placed in surgical ICU and a MRI, spinal tap, and various other tests, they sent her home saying – you must have just had a migraine.  Since then her headache has never completely gone away.  Last week she had a brain angiogram, during which everything looked normal, but that she had a lesion – the shadow from the CT scan.  Today, the neurosurgeon’s office called her in and told her that something had to be done to the lesion.  They gave her three choices; do nothing and hope it does not hemorrhage, have over 100 specifically targeted beams of radiation pointed at it, which will help it decrease in size over the next 2-5 years (after only one treatment), or have it surgically removed.  My first thought, is please do not tell me you have a brain tumor.  I had a very good friend in high school pass away due to a brain tumor and I never want to have to go through anything like that again.  But no, it is not a tumor, just a gnarled mass of arteries and veins.  My mom is very at peace with having her skull drilled into to remove this lesion, however it leaves my stomach feeling like it is tied in a gnarled mass.

My Sister

I nosily checked my sister’s away message, as I normally do, and it indicated something about her car being totaled.  I freaked, obviously she was ok enough to put that in her away message, but what happened to total her car?  After some investigation, I was able to find out that in the icy rain she was unable to bring her car to a stop at an intersection and the front end/passenger side of her car was T-bone by another car.  She was not wearing her seat belt and ended up bumping her head.  Luckily all individuals involved were not seriously hurt, only very sore.  However, my sister decided the day after the accident to go to the hospital because she was very dizzy and had problems concentrating.  She left with a clean bill of health, no serious damage.

Still Worried 

I guess I just have to sit back and hope and pray for the best for my family members.  I am rather concerned about the skull drilling, but this will hopefully stop future hemorrhaging from occurring and reduce future risks for more serious problems.  I also know that my sister is rather shaken up and this has just added more turmoil to her life, but she is a strong woman and this too shall pass. 


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